Justin Timberlake :: “Strawberry Bubblegum” (nooma’s Future Funk Remix)

Days go by, and I continue to forget there was a time when I would not associate myself with anything Justin Timberlake.  I wasn’t even really that won over by all the SNL appearances, because frankly, his face still looked punch-worthy to me.  But during a week when I found an awesome reggae version of “Suit and Tie” as well as this killer bootleg of “Strawberry Bubblegum” from French DJ Manoo, I can’t deny the universe is working pretty hard to get JT into my good graces.

There’s a whole set of these “nooma” flips, typically taking a recognizable pop track from names like Alicia KeysDrake, or Rihanna and steering them into house territory.  This is the only one on Manoo‘s SoundCloud that breaks that formula, creating a midtempo bounce that snugly fits the vocals like a… suit and tie, I suppose?

No release information has been given yet, but I am hoping we’re only one more nooma remix away from seeing a bundled release.



Manoo :: SoundCloud | Facebook

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Tambour Battant :: “In The Skies” (The Unik Remix)

You may have already heard of Tambour Battant via their massive trap banger “Headache –  I would bet a big bag of money it’s appeared in a Bassnectar set this summer.  Well, it was one of two original tracks on the In The Skies EP and fellow Frenchman and Chateau Bruyant labelmate The Unik, (or The Un1k, whatever) took the title track skyward on a very gentle cloud burst.  I love it, very cosmic and ethereal and nothing like the  Buygore podcast he did around the same time (which I have to say is pretty solid as well).

This remix was released on the In The Skies EP, which you can find on Beatport here.



The Un1k :: SoundCloud | Facebook