Minnesota :: “Bloom” (D.V.S* Remix)

A beyond interesting and uplifting D.V.S* remix of Minnesota‘s “Bloom” hit the virtual airwaves today, and I am simply all about it.  As a big fan of Derek VanScoten‘s work, I am always looking forward to his releases, whether they be remixes or fresh originals.  D.V.S* always brings the magic — be it dubstep, nu-disco, live instrument inclusion (he rocks on the guitar), and even his latest creation traphau5.  Breaking the gate wide open for some new experimental electronic sounds, traphau5 is 128 bpm electro-house with trap inspired drops.  Like I said, the man is all about the magic.  Download your FREE copy of the EP here!

D.V.S* :: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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Calvin Harris Earned $46 Million Last Year

Electronic music has seen a massive boom in America since 2010.  A decade ago names like Calvin Harris, Tiësto, and David Guetta would not have even been a blip on the radar of the American music scene.  Flash forward to 2013 and we now have entered a new era for music where Calvin Harris, not Jay-Z, made the most money in the last 12 months.

According to Forbes Magazine, Calvin Harris, Tiësto, and David Guetta all pulled in more than $25 million in the last 12 months ($46 million, $32 million, and $30 million respectively).  Calvin Harris even out-earned massive selling acts like Jay-Z, Katy Perry, and Rihanna.  I am not saying that any of the artists I have mentioned are personal favorites of mine, but what I am saying is that DJs/Producers and electronic music has cemented itself in American pop culture in ways that earlier waves in the 80′s and early 90′s just could not achieve — long-term residencies in Las Vegas & Ibiza, internationally acclaimed music, headlining spots on music festivals, and even performances on late night talk shows.

Sure, there was a time in the 90′s when every rock band (most notably White Zombie) had a remix of every song, but truth be told, these were usually bastardized variations of the original songs that were meant to be novelties for music fans.  Today, remixes, mashups, and genre-bending collaborations are the norm and a generation of laptop-wielding musicians who create them are being taken quite seriously.  Most mainstream hip-hop and pop is starting to mimic established subgenres of EDM ( and Flo Rida in particular can’t seem to keep their hands off it).  All this attention is undoubtedly lining the pockets and fueling the jets of the DJs at the top of the game.  At the very least, it’s ensuring that major labels and corporate entities take them very seriously.

One more thing is clear from this list — there’s more than one way to make a buck.  Diplo, who rose to fame by bringing unique sounds to the dance floor via Major Lazer and cemented his place as the chief tastemaker of Mad Decent, was paid about $13 million for his hard work last year.  That is apparently the equivalent of the tours and product lines of DJ Pauly D (who’s title as DJ is questionable at best), who also earned $13 million last year.


See Forbes’ World’s Highest-Paid DJs right here.


Mayan Holidaze 2013 :: Puerto Morales, Mexico :: 12.16-12.20.13

Get your concert bucket lists out because this one is a doozy.  Mayan Holidaze 2013 has released dates and line-up information today, and I am pretty much sitting here in awe.  Besides the fact that I personally have been trying to get funky south of the border for several years now, I don’t know what else you could ask for.  A beautiful five star resort filled with an ever-so small and tight knit community of fans, along with daily performances by Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits, STS9, Big Gigantic, Papadosio, Cherub, Orchard Lounge, and a DrFamous set.  Yeah, pretty much an all around good time if you ask me.

Mayan Holidaze is another spectacular event brought to you by the folks over at Cloud9 Adventures.  In addition they are the hard working team behind My Morning Jacket‘s One Big Holiday, Widespread Panic‘s Panic en la Playa, Yonder Mountain String Band‘s Strings & Sol, Jam Cruise, and of course Holy Ship.  Cloud9 obviously loves to party.

As always, spots for Mayan Holidaze are VERY limited. A general sale goes live Monday 8/19 at 12 pm EST for the remaining available rooms.  Judging by my past experience with waiting to log into these things, even Morpheus would have trouble getting through.  When these websites jam up, they really JAM UP.  May the force be with you!  All the info you need is right here.

MH- music-schedule_8_14


The Floozies :: Love, Sex, And Fancy Things

Straight funk love coming from The Floozies today with the release of their latest single “Love, Sex, And Fancy Things,” the first single to come off their upcoming album.  This track is like a modern day musical time-warp, giving the listener a little bit of everything.  Some John Frusiante-inspired guitar riffs, a little dare-I-say Daft Punk robot noises, and even some 50 Cent one-liners wrapped into what they call “party rock funk.”  The track is high energy and deserves the tag #BITCHIN.

The Floozies are best when seen live, and when UFO caught them both at SnowBall and Sonic Bloom they did not let us down.  ”Love, Sex, And Fancy Things” is definitely a dope summer jam and will surely be an important part of their live shows.  Download the track for free here!

The Floozies :: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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SIZE In The Park :: New York, NY :: 9.27-9.28.13

Steve Angello‘s Size In The Park is back for a second round, with two back to back dates featuring top notch artists from his very own Size Records‘ repertoire.  NYC dance fanatics have been waiting for this update for a minute now, hoping to predict the event’s line-up and even make claims to a Swedish House Mafia reunion.  The reunion is nowhere in sight, but I can bet on this to be one of New York’s top electronic events of the fall.

Rumsey Playfield is set to explode this September as each day will be featuring the best of Size Records and X Imprints.  On Friday, 9/27, Steve Angello will be joined by AN21 & Max Vangeli, Arno Cost and rising sensation Third Party.  Saturday’s lineup features a second round of Angello, as well as, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Tim Mason and Trent Cantrelle.  Over the past several months, we witnessed a handful of these artists throw down in NYC when our good friends at Electric Candy Land brought in Arno Cost and Tim Mason.  The time is right to re-Size that spectacle.

An interesting addition to this year’s extravaganza is the private stage-front experience brought to you by international nightlife venue Provocateur.  According to their press release, “The Provocateur ‘Pop-Up’ designed exclusive for Size is a fully self-contained luxury installation built to provide the finest hospitality,” whatever that means.  Grab your tickets here.



Crayon :: Give You Up EP

Partyfine‘s third EP is a very hot one, with a serious blast of French house coming from this kid Crayon (or possibly Le Crayon).

There’s an obvious reason why the Darius remix of “Give You Up” has blown to five-digit plays in a single day — it’s fire.  I like what Blende did some really creative melody work, and Yuksek steps up with a solid and unique look at it, but Darius crafted a beat around those vocals like a marble statue.  Then again, as Darius says himself, the two have a natural chemistry.

The track I keep turning to, though, is “To The Moon“.  You know me, I’m all about trips to the Moon, but the track sounds fantastic in my car and that’s all I’ve got in terms of space travel for the time being.  I’ll admit I’ve logged at least five plays on it.  The opening track “Downgraders” is very well crafted, too.  Keep your eyes and ears on Crayon, this is one hell of a debut on Partyfine Records.

Just a side note — I’ve had this article open on my desktop forever on the rise of the French scene according to Mixmag, could be worth a read if you dig this (or The Magician and Yuksek‘s mix I posted a while back).


Crayon :: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


Baby Prince & Navid Izadi :: “Last Song of the Dance” (Tanner Ross & Deniz Kurtel Remix)

I’ve got a bit of a throwback to share today.  This is some serious funk.  I would be tempted to say it was funk from the future if I wasn’t so sure funk from the past could sound like this, too.  It sounds pretty close to other Tanner Ross tracks I’ve heard (save for that highly unique bass line), but Deniz Kurtel surely had some part of this tasty jam.  It’s hard to beat the swank of the original “Last Song of the Dance“, but this is super-swank.  I know the remix may be too chill for some to really take it seriously as a dance floor explosion, but it definitely is.  Try turning it up on some nice speakers and see if it doesn’t make you wiggle.

This one actually appeared on Rolling Stone as a free download a ways back, which I guess goes to show how informed I am about what Rolling Stone is up to these days.  What I do know is that Tanner Ross and Deniz Kurtel are up to some cool shit right now.



Tanner Ross :: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Deniz Kurtel :: WebsiteSoundCloud | Facebook


Bluetech :: Basement Dubs EP

Oh yes, new Bluetech is around the corner.  This five-track EP dropped yesterday with a two-part mission.  First, it provides a look into how the future full-length albums Illuminated Gates and Dreaming Into Being.  Secondly, the album is a fundraiser (as Bluetech albums are known to do) to transform Evan Marc Bartholomew‘s studio into a solar-powered laboratory of beats.

Before I get to the music, I have to say I am completely down with this mission.  The fund may seem a bit self-involved, at least when compared to charitably-intentioned releases like the awesome Rainforest Reverberations compilation that sought to raise funds and awareness for deforestation.  However, I’d like to think this is a test run for a great working model by which all of the “sacred bass” producers could emulate.  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, though; I’ve just been thinking a lot about how “zero-waste” festivals (especially Burning Man) still blast gas-powered generators 24 hours a day.  As someone who looks at festival culture as one of the best breeding grounds for eco-friendly solutions, I’d like to support this trial in sustainable bass-waves.

The music ain’t bad, either.  True to its name, there are some very dubby sounds contained in the Basement Dubs EP.  You may be used to the Bluetech style of downtempo ambience, but this is very much on top of the “dub” mark.  I’m swooning over the sounds in it.

I think the original tunes outweigh the remixes here.  Though it appears second on the EP, the title track is a good place to start — I can’t help but admire the drum work and compare it to Photek.  The other original track, ”Thrios“, is a standout as well, probably the closest the EP gets to what I consider the characteristic Bluetech groove.

Also appearing on the EP are a few remixes.  I’m glad to see Bluetech‘s remix of Abakus‘ “Cruise Control” surface again (it was originally released in 2011).  At a little bit after the halfway point, the bass line really rips into some inspired glitch pieces and totally transforms the original.  But those “hell yeah” moments of engagement are pretty few and far between.  I think the idea of the EP is exactly the opposite of such attention-grabbing.  This is music for free floating, not for hand-raising and DJ-praising.  Take, for example, the peaceful eight-minute entirety of “Imperium in Imperio” (Bluetech Remix).


Bluetech :: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


The Polish Ambassador :: Funky In Your One-Piece :: Fall Tour 2013

Major announcement in the one-piece electronic dance world today, as one of our favorites, The Polish Ambassador, has announced his highly anticipated fall tour featuring Liminus, DJ Vadim and Wildlight.  Starting off October 3rd in Nevada and making its way across the country with a final stop in Portland, Oregon, TPA is bound to have some tricks stuffed deep in that infamous onesie of his.  With three stops in Colorado and one in Brooklyn, NY, you can bet UFO will be on board for this one!

We say it all the time, “this year is going to be a huge one for (artist name here)”.  With awesome tour announcements, stunning new releases, and major festival appearances, artists continue to capitalize on their ability to further their brand and take their music to the next level.  But The Polish Ambassador, David Sugalski, has taken 2013 by the you know what and truly embraced his skills, passion and the non-stop growth of his fan base.  David has put the time in, and never strayed from his belief in his sound.  He’s experienced it all, the small backroom shows to the gigantic festival crowds, and continues create an intimate wild time no matter what the occasion.  His captivating performance at this year’s Sonic Bloom and Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival being perfect recent examples.

His latest creation, Wildlight, featuring vocals by Ayla Nereo, along with DJ Vadim will be making appearances on almost every date scheduled, making each show a packed event.  As always, VJ Liminus will be on deck blowing your mind.  If you’ve yet to get down to the self-proclaimed “world’s funkiest diplomat” then get your act together!

 The Polish Ambassador :: Website | Tour Dates | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Real Connoisseur :: “Down With Me” (Tyro Remix)

Real Connoisseur is a trustworthy name for solid deep house, if you ask me.  A string of rock-hard club tracks over the last year led to “Down With Me“, something that captured the British producer in a very natural moment.  It was released alongside a Squarehead remix – though it was quite the swanky affair, the remix laid off the throttle a bit.  Bristol producer duo Tyro decide to come at the main groove with a bit more ferocity, and it pays off.  They left all the metropolitan swagger intact as they move it from spacious vibes back into a funky garage-y groove.


There’s a promise of a free download soon on Tyro‘s Facebook page.  Don’t know what the wait is about… but patience will pay off.  I certainly want to have this one in my arsenal.


Tyro :: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Real Connoisseur :: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter